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are you getting married? Or maybe you just want to start dreaming a little? Anyway you might be in the right place for you. Just keep reading and let my images take you somewhere.

I’m Francesca Bandiera and I’m the creator of Dreamtale Wedding Film.
I’m based in Italy and I work mainly in Veneto but I like traveling and I am ready to move throughout Italy and abroad.

My aim is to immortalize everything that happens in your wedding with my videos and professional montages.
I want to give you a pure, fresh and sincere memory of this great moment, that you could watch to relive every single emotion. 

Can you imagine wanting to relive your wedding day in one, twenty or a hundred years? With my Wedding Film in your hands, this is possible. 

I make your memory visible, sharable and, above of all…everlasting.

I want to give you not a prosy reportage, but YOUR personal, spontaneous and emotional Wedding Film and to do that I aim to be a silent but attentive love storyteller.

Some of my Works

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I want you to know…

that I will not be alone in your wedding day! We will be two to film and we will accompany you throughout the day with discretion, knowing how to grasp not only the “big” moments, but especially the small details that make the marriage personal and unique. 

It’s a beautiful team work and to make everything better it’s very important for me to know you, to understand your needs and to create a feeling. In this way, during your wedding day, everything will be natural and perfect, our presence veiled and always ready to capture the best moments. 

I would like to talk to you even more about my service and every detail so if you’re curious, feel free to contact me

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